The Fastest way to Reach 1,000 Subscribers and 4,000 Hours Watch Time

Watch Time and Subscribers is very important because YouTube may surface your content to more people based on their viewing pattern. YouTube just announced new monetization guidelines. For the monetizing of any channel 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours, watch time is very necessary. Today’s YouTube is a very well-known video streaming service in the modern world. There was a time when people did not even know about YouTube was and today’s every piece of information taken by people from YouTube videos. If you start the new YouTube channel the first time; it is fact that people did not recognize you. To get a thousand subscribers like comments, and more viewers even to be famous enough to make people know you.

If you are new to YouTube channel and monetize your YouTube channel. Reaching 1,000 subscribers on YouTube channel is a huge milestone for every new YouTube channel. Not only do you start making money with ads but showing evidence boosts views. The motivation alone from reaching 1,000 Subscribers helps many YouTubers grow their channel.  On the other hand, YouTube has helped a lot of talented individuals to display their skills online and get popular in a short period of time.

Some ways to reach the milestone of 1,000 Subscribers and 4,000 Hour Watch Time

  1. Retention of Audience to Subscribers
  2. Pick Video Title with the help of Keywords Research

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Retention of Audience to Subscribers

What is audience retention?
What is audience retention?

Audience retention is actually vital. YouTube matric for those trying to convert their YouTube videos viewers paying converted customers. If you had like to see your own YouTube channel’s audience retention report. Sometimes, audiences just need to be reminded. The big red Subscribe button is omnipresent, but you might also want to point out the bell beside that the turn-on notification for your new videos.

The most important key point is audience retention. How we increase audience retention? When we create a channel and want 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 viewers in a month. The audiences watch your videos for 50 to 60s but the complete time video is 8-9 minutes. So, the average rate is 10%.but, actually to get 90% audience retention. You need the audience to watch your videos more and more. When you make a video, your video quantity is about your topic. Who is the topic and how much to a long video? Actually, you mistake the topic is simple and you make so much long time video. So, you need to make a video about your topic.

Pick Video Title with the help of Keywords Research

Pick Video Title with the help of Keywords Research
Pick Video Title with the help of Keywords Research

Keyword research is the one effective way of improving keyword research. The YouTube SEO process begins with the Video Keywords Research. Keyword research is a research process that used the researcher’s search terms and people to find products and online services. First of all, you choose the title and how many words. You choose the title on quality, not quantity because quantity is not important for the keyword researcher. If the title of your videos very different from other videos, people find it difficult. That’s why; you choose the title related to other videos that you have been posted.

If your keyword research is best, then optimizing your YouTube channels. The keyword research word short tail about 2-3 word then you got 1,000 subscribers, likes, and views. You get also a lot of traffic on the YouTube channels.  If your keyword research word long tail about 6-8 then you did not get so many subscribers and views.

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