Top YouTube Channel Ideas that do not require any Experience

YouTube is the world’s No one video platform. This can be gauged from the fact that in every hour 30,000 hours of videos uploaded on YouTube. In a day approximately 720,000 hours of videos uploaded on YouTube. You can find all kinds of videos on YouTube and entertain yourself. YouTube is a multi-source platform for the public. It is a reasonable source of income as well as entertainment. YouTube does not pay you easily. You must have a special talent or some kind of interesting content in your video. The more people who watch your video, you can earn more money. That’s mean your income depends on the views of your video.

What are good ideas for YouTube channels?

Here we are presented top channel idea for YouTube.

  1. Gaming video Channel
  2. Unboxing videos Channel
  3. Vlogging Channels
  4. Animal and Pet Videos Channel
  5. Makeup channel
  6. Cooking Recipe Videos Channel
  7. Fitness and Health Videos
  8. Prank Videos Channel
  9. Daily Life Hack Videos
  10. Reaction videos

Gaming video Channel

live streaming of a game on YouTube channel
Live streaming of  video game on YouTube channel


Would you believe that the world’s 2nd highest subscribers channel is a gaming channel? PewDiePie is the owner of that channel. 107 million subscribers and 26 billion-plus views are on this channel. If you like to play games then you must create a YouTube channel and show your skill in front of the public through your channel. Today a lot of people doing live streaming of different famous video games like PUBG, GTA5, etc. They are making money as well as having fun. You too can become the next PewDiePie

Unboxing videos Channel

Live Unboxing a Mobile on YouTube
Live Unboxing a Mobile on YouTube

Unboxing a product is one of the crazes on YouTube. These days unboxing a new product is the most demanding video on YouTube. By unboxing different products on your YouTube channel, you can get thousands of subscribers in no time. Even you don’t need any kind of experience of that work. Unboxing videos is one of the highest-earning categories on YouTube. If you are thinking to create a YouTube channel then an Unboxing product or gadget video is the perfect idea for starting your channel.

Personal Vlogging Channels

Vlogging for YouTube
Live Vlogging for Youtube channel

In simple words, a vlog is a video blog or video log. Where all the content is in video format. A vlog consists of a video of yourself where you talk about a particular subject. A vlogging channel also does not require any kind of experience. For a vlog post, you have only required an interesting story. Simply make your video and upload it on your channel. Different types of vlog

  • Lifestyle vlog
  • Travel vlog
  • Food vlog

Animal and Pet Videos Channel

Pet food tips for pet lovers
Pet food tips for pet lovers on YouTube channel

IF your company is only with your pet, so you have enough content to get thousands of subscribers. Animals video are great time pass for the public. You can create a lot of videos on your pet like, how to manage your time with your pet? How to play with your pet? You can also create tips videos on the pet. For all of those, you ’don’t require any kind of special skills and experience.

Makeup Videos Channel

Review about makeup product
Reviewing the makeup product on the YouTube channel

Every person likes to look presentable. But everyone does not know how to makeup perfectly or which product is best for him. Simply, you make a video while doing makeup or while reviewing makeup products and post that video on your YouTube channel. You can easily make reasonable money with the help of makeup videos. Nikkie has a makeup-related YouTube channel. She has 13.6 million subscribers and more than 1 billion views on her channel. She is making good money from her YouTube channel.

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Cooking Recipe Videos Channel

A young girl doing cooking in front of camera
A young girl doing cooking in front of a camera

Cooking is an art and every plate is a masterpiece. If you love is cooking, why not feature it on a YouTube Channel?  It is an ideal way to become rich and get thousands of subscribers on YouTube through cooking videos. Recipes videos are fascinating to watch, people searching recipes videos on YouTube. YouTube offers a video stream; you can live to stream of your cooking and show to the viewer how mouth-watering foods are made.

Fitness and Health Videos

A beautiful girl doing exercise in front of camera
A beautiful girl doing exercise in front of camera

People are so much conscious about their health and want to be fitted. They search for health tips and YouTube is the first place where many people search and find health and fitness tips. If exercise is your passion then you will create a YouTube channel. On YouTube a lot of health-related videos viral. Now think about your Fitness and health channel. Your YouTube channel can be a boon for those who find tips about health or looking for dieting exercise. If your channel goes viral then there are plenty of chances of sponsorships. More sponsorships chances are available for the health and fitness channel as compared to other channels.

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Prank Videos Channel

doing prank for your You-tube Channel
doing prank for your You-tube Channel

Funny prank videos are the most demanding videos on YouTube. If you are staying at home for an extended period of time and becoming stale, especially in the coronavirus pandemic. To get some change, why not doing a prank with siblings or relatives? Record the entire prank on your camera and post them on your YouTube channel. One important thing to keep in mind that whenever doing a prank must smile on your face and also you should have a comedian personality.

Daily Life Hack Videos

Life hack that become easier your life
Lifehack that becomes easier your life

If you want to quickly and more traffic on your YouTube channel, then you must stay tuned for daily hack videos. Lifehack videos are the creational side of YouTube. A life hack is a shortcut, trick, skill, or easiest method that enhances productivity and efficiency. Life is too much busy and every person finds new ways to save their time and money. Therefore, the Public always in big demand for daily hack videos, and YouTube is a great platform for those people. You can start your YouTube channel with a general hack or a particular topic such as household hack, cooking hack, makeup hack, etc.

Reaction Videos

reacting on something watching on laptop
A couple is reacting on video watching on laptop

If you like watching YouTube videos, then this category is perfect for you. Because in this kind of channel, you have to select a video then react to each significant part of this video. Therefore, the Reaction videos channel can provide a bigger audience rather than other channels. You can target a myriad of categories like music, movie clips, hacks, and many more. Video reviewing provides more connection to other YouTubers if you decide to react to their video.

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